Artistic Illusions metal coating is comprised of 95% real metal and will continue to age and tarnish over time. To avoid damaging the metal finish, please follow these instructions:

To clean the metal finish, use water and a mild antibacterial soap with a sponge. Dry with a soft cloth to avoid water spots. Do not use abrasive sponges, abrasive cleaners, soft scrub products, or harsh chemical cleaners such as Lysol®, Pinesol®, and bleach on the finish. Any of these harsh chemicals can cause damage to the finish.

For Highlight and High Polish Products:

To polish the highlight/ high polish products, use metal polishing cloths (such as Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths or Miracle Polishing Cloths), or non-abrasive Gojo® hand cleaner with a soft cloth. This will maintain the metals brilliant shine.

For Oil Rubbed, Patina, Rust, Wrought, and Verdigris Products:

To maintain the oil rubbed, patina, rust, wrought and verdigris finish on your product(s), use an oil based furniture polish (such as Liquid Gold®), mineral oil, or a no wax furniture polish such as Pledge®. To polish tarnished highlight/high polish areas on your oil rubbed or patina products, use the metal polishing cloth(s) or the non-abrasive Gojo® only over the areas you wish to have the luster and shine restored

For clearcoated products, use Pledge® or another no – wax spray with a soft cloth or brush to enhance the beauty and further protect the metal.