Artistic Illusions Renaissance Kitchen & Bath’s® metal coating is comprised of 95% real metal and will continue to age and tarnish over time. To avoid damaging the metal finish, please follow these instructions:

For Clearcoated Bath Fixtures:

To clean the metal finish, use water and Dow Scrubbing Bubbles with a soft sponge.

Do not use a hard plastic toilet brush or scrubber – it is too abrasive and over time will damage the clearcoat and metal finish. Clean the exterior of the toilet the same way – water and Dow Scrubbing Bubbles and a soft sponge. Dry with a soft cloth to avoid water spots.

Do not use abrasive sponges, abrasive cleaners, soft scrub products, or harsh chemical cleaners such as Lysol®, Pinesol®, and bleach on the finish.

Any of these harsh chemicals can cause damage to the finish. To enhance the beauty of your bath fixture, use Pledge® or any other no wax furniture polish on the soft brush supplied and rub gently over the fixture.

To Polish the Appliques back to a Highlight and High Polish Finish:

Many of our customers request that the appliqués on the bath fixtures not be clearcoated so that the metal will continue to age naturally. To clean the metal finish, follow the instructions above. Over time, the appliqués may patina or verdigris. To get rid of the verdigris, spray Scott’s Liquid Gold onto the soft brush supplied to you and brush gently over the verdigris areas. If you want to rid the patina from the appliqué, gently rub the polishing cloth (supplied to you) over the area(s) you wish to brighten. Then take a soft rag and buff over the area(s) where the polishing cloth was applied. You will immediately see the luster of the metal come back to life.

We recommend Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths, Miracle Polishing Cloths, or non-abrasive Gojo® hand cleaner with a soft cloth over the metal. This will maintain and help protect the metals brilliant shine. Refrain from using over the clearcoat.